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Including the famous Thought Support Technique

NOVEMBER 17 - 19, 2017

10:00am - 5:30pm Daily. 

Location: Accents Model and Talent Center

1233 Suite 7 Sand Lake Rd., Orlando, Fl

"Auditioning by Heart" is a deep exploration of how to create a character's life from the truth through history homework. It is practical, not theoretical, and aims to equip you with all the skills and expertise you need to become dynamic and courageous at your auditions. The training is very much student-centered, giving time for individual attention. Crystal will provide thorough, personalized critiques for actor's who register to be critiqued.  Actors receive new sides prior to each class and work daily.

This on-camera intensive will teach professional actors how to organically prepare for film and television auditions within a short time-frame.This workshop will empower you to

  • Rid Nerves

  • Know Your Lines “by Heart”

  • Live Truthfully Through the Life of the Character

  • Highlight Your Acting Abilities

  • Improve Booking Rates

    This is a 3-day intensive (all day) workshop.

    All actors, critiqued and non-critiqued, will receive audition material and will be put on tape. As a non- critiqued actor, if you choose not to have your audition put on tape, then you may be a reader for those who do. (Actors can learn a lot about auditioning when they sit on the other side of the camera.) 12 actors tapes will be watched and critiqued during class their tapes will be used to demonstrate as clear examples, Crystal's words, her script analysis and character breakdown.

    3 Ways to Play Auditioning by Heart!

1) CRITIQUED ACTOR: Sign up to have your work critiqued in front of the class, (your resume will be requested after you register)  Limited to 12 actors. 

2) NON CRITIQUED ACTOR: you can choose to self-critique (please read about this after the bullet point below) and/or you can choose to be critiqued outside of class (for an additional fee) Limited to 12 actors 

• Non-critiqued actors please note, after Crystal breaks down the material for everyone, discusses the best approach for the scene, and demonstrates (using 12 CRITIQUED actors' tapes) specifically what she will more than likely KNOW EXACTLY how you did, (which of your choices were strong, and which could have been better thought out) when you watch your tape's playback, without getting a specific critique by Crystal. Having said that, you are more than welcome to sign up to have Crystal critique your work privately outside of class. Get all the materials, be put on tape, and after Crystal gives you the stronger vs weaker choices you might make, self critique your playback (along with an opportunity to ask Crystal's TA and your peers for what they see). OR add a private critique outside of class.

3) AUDITOR: As an auditor you are able to listen, observe and learn from the daily lectures and breakdown of the material. You are not put on tape, or give any preparatory materials in advance.This way of taking Auditioning by Heart is a good introduction to Crystal’s teaching method, or a great way for the seasoned actor to “sharpen” their acting skills!

Minimum Age 18 yrs (Certain exceptions apply)

Register for ORL: 3-Day Auditioning by Heart Nov 17 - 19, 2017
Who referred you?
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NOTE: If you have signed up as a non-critiqued student, but you want to be critiqued outside of class time, you can add that on below. (NOTE: If you have already signed up as a critiqued-in-class student, you're set! don't need to sign up below. This is for NON-critiqued actors.)


This amazing workshop will include the famous Thought Support Technique!

Normally, this is an entirely separate worksop. In Orlando, both workshops will be combined.  

Thought Support is “The Safety Net Under Your Audition”

Ever go into an audition thinking you have your lines memorized only to get nervous and mess-up? Memorization can lock you into a stale delivery

or make you even more flustered if you accidentally forget a line. Thought Support Technique is a one- day workshop that will teach you how to use your sides in an audition while staying in character so you don't have to depend on memorization. Learn your lines "by heart" - not by rote.
Focus your preparation by:

  • Deepening your connection to the other character

  • Listening and being present

  • Fighting for your objective

  • Responding truthfully in the moment   

Participation in Thought Support is only available for the Critiqued Actor.  All other actors are able to observe this exercise.   

The 3-day Auditioning by Heart ends with the now famous...SUNDAY INDUSTRY PANEL

Knowing first hand that watching actors in film and television can change lives, Auditioning by Heart continues to strive to do all we can to support the actors' growth; spiritually, personally and professionally. In an effort to do just that, the LAST HOURS of the 3-day Auditioning by Heart Intensive workshop are dedicated to hearing from working Agents, Casting Directors, Producers and other Industry professionals.

We appreciate your professionalism on the day, and look forward to hearing your questions and seeing your smiling face at THE SUNDAY PANEL. 

No resumes will be accepted. You will not be performing for the panel. This is a very special opportunity to hear from the working professionals "below the line" what  some of the common phrases used within our industry actually mean.  "Be off book" is short hand for a very important piece of homework. HINT: It ISN'T memorizing your lines. "Don't move off of your mark" is also shorthand for a longer instruction. HINT: It ISN'T stand still and face camera. "Less is more", "Don't use props" and on and on... It takes far too long to write out in the audition breakdowns what these instructions mean, and professionals should already know.

The Industry Panel begins at  5:00PM. Typically lasting 1 hour, with questions to follow.  Industry Professionals from the worlds of Casting, Acting and Agenting will be a part of this incredible and enlightening Industry Panel Q&A.  (No guarantees on who will be in attendance)