Private Coaching


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Training under the watchful eye of a seasoned coach can make the difference in getting the callback and booking the job! Crystal is available for on-going private coaching, as well as short notice sessions and on-location coaching.

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For TAPED auditions, please fill out this form prior to your session and bring it with you, thanks!


Coaching Rates

  • 1/2 Hour Private — $65*

  • 1 Hour Private — $110*

  • 1 Hour Semi-Private (scene between 2 or 3 actors) — $120*

  • 1-1/2 Hour Private — $150* 

  • Block of 5 Hours — $500* (save $50)*

  • 1 Hour On Location — $175* + expenses


Special Offer: Ask about our Pre-paid 5 One-Hour Sessions Price*
*Discounted rate expires 3 months after purchase. The remaining balance may be applied towards future sessions. Not Valid for 1/2 hour sessions.

Auditions on Tape

Actors who use the do-it-yourself mode of putting an audition on tape rarely get the call-back. Tapes usually turn out with poor lighting, poor audio, and poor framing. We record your scenes, with coaching and direction by Crystal, with professional video and sound equipment. We edit together your best takes and digitally submit the final video to wherever you prefer: to yourself, your agent, your manager, the casting director, even your mother! Leave here with your obligations complete.

We record in 1080 Hi-Definition and can export in any size / format you need.

  • 1-1/2 Hour Audition on Tape with coaching by Crystal Carson — $150

  • For TAPED auditions, please fill out this form prior to your session and bring it with you, thanks!

Services Include:

  • 5-10 min set up: Lighting/ Sound/ Make-up/Hair/Wardrobe check (Please come as ready to go as possible, the time allowed only allows for "tweaks", thanks!)

  • 1 hr Coaching and Taping

  • 20-25 min Editing, Rendering and Uploading Footage

Video Editing Services

Whether you have miles of tape or no tape, we can make you look great with our custom services!

For experienced actors with plenty of tape, we provide consulting and editing services to producing a compelling professional speed reel, a comprehensive demo reel, or both.

For those just getting started, we can create a showcase for your personality and talent; including material selection, coaching and direction, filming, editing, and creating the final video.

Reels can delivered digitally, exported to your SD card, or burned to DVD.

Editing rates are $100 an hour for actual editing time. Generally editing can be done in one hour for a basic demo reel.  The time to encode and burn your DVD is included in that price. A DVD of all scenes is $25 per DVD.

We can also provide demo reels in various formats suitable for use on internet demo reel sites such as Actors Access,,, etc.  With your permission, we will also put your reel on our clients page for viewing.

All videos we shoot are exclusively your property.