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The Road to Bigger Roles

The Sunday Industry Panel -

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Industry Insights to Inspire!

The Sunday Industry Panel

For Actors in the Nov/Dec Sessions ONLY

Actors if you have just taken Auditioning by Heart, the Sunday Industry Panel that happens directly after your class ends, is your’s to take for FREE

Sign up here to take the class that is following the OTHER session for $10

If you have finished ReActing by Heart this session, you may take either Sunday Industry Panel for $10

Select on the PayPal button which class are you currently enrolled in. Thanks!

Sunday Industry Panel Signup
In ReActing by Heart - Y/N
In Auditioning by Heart - Y/N

Alumni you are invited to join us for $25, please go pack the the previous page.

Actors who are new to Auditioning by Heart, please go pack the the previous page.