Non-critiqued actors!

Yes, the name “Non-Critiqued Actor” is terrible for what this option really is. The actor DOES get Critiqued. In fact, this actor actually gets everything the Critiqued actor gets out of the class, with one difference, they have an in-class opportunity to learn to apply the lesson to his/her own audition tape with the help of both Crystal and a Teacher’s Assistant. Let me explain…


What is a Non-Critiqued Actor?

The “Non-Critiqued Actor” receives the same audition material as those who are critiqued in front of the class. To be clear, everyone gets the same sides…this way you are never watching/listening to Crystal talk to other actors about some other scene…everything she says will pertain to YOU and the audition material that you are doing.

Everyone gets put on tape. As Crystal puts the 12 critiqued actors on tape, the non-critiqued actors are put on tape by a Teacher’s Assistance (T.A.). —Should you choose not to have your audition taped, then you may be a reader for those who do. (Actors can learn a lot about auditioning when they sit on the other side of the camera.) 

After this, Crystal will breakdown your sides, and as a class, you'll all learn to do the script analysis of each day's material. Crystal uses the Critiqued actor's tapes to demonstrate her method for you. Most likely, you will "See yourself" in the work of the 12 actors whose critiques you'll hear.

After learning from Crystal exactly what to look in your audition, together with the other Critiqued actors, you’ll follow your TA to a space to watch your auditions playbacks one-at-a-time, and you’ll apply what you just learned to your own work. (A class TA will comment on your work only if you desire such.)  Actors consistently tell us after attending class as a Non-Critiqued student, that based on Crystal's breakdown, explanation, script analysis and watching the other actors critiques, they KNEW EXACTLY how to self-critique each day’s audition. They were "crystal clear" on which of their choices were strong, and which could have been better, and how to improve in the future.

Non-Critiqued actors who discover they do actually want Crystal to critique a particularly confusing scene, or even all 3 of their audition scenes, may choose to do have Crystal do so. Crystal will make time to critique your tape, either at the end of the day or at a later time for a small fee.  ($40 per taped audition) A Non-critiqued actor can choose to have Crystal critique their tapes at the time of registering OR at any point before the end of each day's class. (Just ask your TA)

Having said that, as a Non-critiqued actor, you are more than welcome to sign up to have Crystal critique your work privately outside of class right now. Sign up using the PayPal button below, then use the lower drop down menu to sign up to be critiqued outside of class:

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* Minimum Age 18 yrs for Auditioning By Heart (Certain exceptions apply, please inquire)