Auditioning by Heart 3-Day Workshop!

Friday - Sun, Aug 4, 5, and 6, 2017  *Date subject to change at this time

THIS GET-AWAY WORKSHOP IS BY INVITATION ONLY - Bryce Draper will be hosting us at his guest house for the weekend - 10 minutes from Pismo Beach!  Each day will be 4 hours of class to enhance audition skills, with time for fun activities like kayaking, surfing, horseback riding, kite boarding, or simply enjoying the sunset on the beach!  Classes will consist of taping a prepared audition, one actor at a time, with sides provided the day before.  Then, script analysis of the sides will be broken down after everyone is finished being put on tape.  After which, we'll play-back each actor's tape and individual critiques will be given and questions answered so actors can see what choices are working and how to adjust those that don't, in order to make them stronger.  Audition less in fear and more in the moment!


(Limited to 10 students.)