Auditioning by Heart

6-week Online Virtual Masterclasses

Series One (6 sessions) and Series Two (6 sessions) Now Available!

Crystal providing a critique to one of her students in class, part of the valuable information in the online lectures.

Crystal providing a critique to one of her students in class, part of the valuable information in the online lectures.

Each virtual on-camera class will teach professional actors how to organically prepare for film and television auditions within a short time-frame.  Actors receive new sides prior to each class. There are 2 series; each 6 classes in length. Sign up one-at-a-time or sign up for a 6-class series.

"Auditioning by Heart" is a deep exploration of how to create a character's life from the truth through history homework.  It is practical, not theoretical, and aims to equip you with all the skills and expertise you need to become dynamic and courageous at your auditions. The training is very much student-centered, giving time for individual attention. 

This online class will empower you to

  • Rid Nerves

  • Know Your Lines “by Heart”

  • Live Truthfully Through the Life of the Character

  • Highlight Your Acting Abilities

  • Improve Booking Rates

Each of the 2 Masterclasses contains 6 classes with 6 lectures (around 2 hours each). For each lecture, actors will receive NEW audition material to put on tape.  Crystal will provide a complete script analysis and character breakdown for each genre of material you are given to work on. 

The virtual participant will watch as between 10 and 12 actors from the LA Masterclasses have their tapes critiqued during the original LIVE class. Their tapes will be used to demonstrate clear examples of Crystal's lecture. (Actors participating in the virtual masterclass, you also have the option to have your tapes critiqued by Crystal over Skype at the cost of $40 per audition tape*).

This comprehensive course tackles the most common genres in film and television through a total of 12 lessons that prepare an actor for any possible audition they may receive in pilot season, or anytime really. Gain the knowledge to make strong choices and avoid the pitfalls in each. 

A sample of a virtual masterclass! 

Here is how it works:

The Student is granted access to a private group where they will download all materials needed to prepare for class. (Homework template, Sides etc.)

STEP 1. Prepare the audition sides and put yourself on tape as you would with an actual audition.

STEP 2. Watch the lesson corresponding with that week’s audition sides and follow the lesson as Crystal prepares the audition with the class in the video lecture. 

STEP 3. Watch Crystal breakdown each actors’ audition tape from the LA class and compare notes to your own audition tape.

STEP 4. (optional) Have Crystal review your audition tape and give you personalized feedback (for a small fee) 

Sign up NOW at this very special price (for a limited time.)

Virtual 6 Week Masterclass Series One
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Virtual 6 Week Masterclass Series Two
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