Auditioning By Heart 3-Day Intensive Workshop!

Crystal previously taught with Margie Haber at "The 3 of Us" studios in NYC, and is so excited to be back teaching in NYC once again!


This on-camera classes will teach professional actors how to organically prepare for film and television auditions within a short time-frame.  Actors receive new sides prior to each class and are put on tape daily.   "Auditioning by Heart" is a deep exploration of how to create a character's life from the truth through history homework.  It is practical, not theoretical, and aims to equip you with all the skills and expertise you need to become dynamic and courageous at your auditions. The training is very much student-centered - giving time for individual attention. Crystal will provide thorough, personalized critiques for each actor's performance daily.

This workshop will empower you to:

  • Rid Nerves

  • Know Your Lines “by Heart”

  • Live Truthfully Through the Life of the Character

  • Highlight Acting Ability

  • Improve Booking Rates

Students will be given material (homework / sides) to prepare each night as if they were going to audition.  Students who sign up to be critiqued will be put on tape each day of the workshop.  Students who do not sign up to be critiqued will act as READERS / CASTING ASSOC for Ms. Carson when the critiqued students are put on tape.  Critiqued students will have their work played back and critiqued in front of the rest of the class, while being used to demonstrate Crystal's lessons.  Non-critiqued students will have an eye-opening experience as they come to truly understand what it feels like to be on "the other side of the table" and will discover what works and what can be improved upon from an outside perspective so they can effectively apply Crystal's technique in their own work outside of class.  All students will learn from Crystal's lectures.

$550 - Non-critiqued

$650 - Critiqued (Limited to 12 critiqued students)

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