“If you are an aspiring or working actor, I definitely think you should take Crystal Carson’s audition technique class. It’s helped me - I’ve taken it for ten years - best thing I’ve ever done for my career. Best thing you’ll ever do for yours!”

Brian White (Ambitions, Bronx SIU, Ray Donovan, Chicago Fire, Scandal, Mistresses, Hostages, Beauty and the Beast, The Cabin in the Woods)

Tweeting to his followers: “@ActingCoachCrys (Crystal Carson) is my acting coach and has been for years. She honestly makes a huge difference!!! #Follow her.”


“I met Crystal because I was auditioning for The Great Debaters, and I didn’t know what I was doing. And they threw everything at me. But, because of my preparation with Crystal, and the fact that we really delved into the script in and out, I was able to not just do a great job but actually book the job.”

Stephen Rider (Daredevil, Harley DavidsonSafe House, The Great Debaters, The Host, Lee Daniel's The Butler)

“I can't emphasis enough how important it is to study and be in class. You can't get a better class to take for auditioning technique that Crystal's Auditioning by Heart.”

Aaron O'Connell (The Haves and the Have NotsA Prince for Christmas, 12 Gifts of Christmas)

“The energy she brings to every actor she works with… the connection… her genuine care for the work and breaking through… professionally, she takes it to another level for me.”

—  Felisha Terrell  (Survivor's RemorseThe Social Network, NCIS:New Orleans)

"Crystal has worked with many of our name acting clients.  She has helped them book consistently.  We strongly recommend her to everyone we work with."


"My career dreams are coming true.  And that wouldn't be possible - that's only possible - because I went to Crystal Carson."

— Eaddy Mays (The Blindside, Teen Wolf)


"I've been very lucky to have found Crystal to coach with.  She is passionate and you can tell that she loves it, which shows through with her work.  She wants you to not only book the job, but to have fun with the audition.  She makes you feel confident to try different things, and to discover the personal connection that makes your choices unique.  One of the most helpful things that Crystal works with me on for auditions is physicality.  In an audition, you don't have the props or the space, but miming always felt silly - which certainly didn't help me in my auditions. Crystal explores with me ways to get away from miming, and make it seem so much more real.  Simple little tricks that I wouldn't necessarily have thought of on my own; stuff you don't need "on the job" but you do need "to book the job."  I also love to coach with Crystal when I get a job, to scour over the script and really pin down who this character is.  I'll do telephone calls and we'll just talk about the character; what makes her tick, what makes her cry, what she wants.  I feel so much stronger starting the new job after I've talked out my choices and thoughts with Crystal and we've bounced ideas around.  I feel more grounded and ready to play.  Crystal makes it fun!"

— Tricia Helfer (Lucifer, Powers, Battlestar GalacticaKiller Women, Ascension)

"I endorse Crystal Carson. I make sure I put her classes in our tool box on our website. My clients tell me how great her coaching and workshops are. This is such an important class. It really makes a difference."


"I went down to L.A. for pilot season in 2011 and had dozens of auditions, but received no callbacks, no feedback and generally no interest.  My manager suggested I go see Crystal, because his clients had had amazing luck with her.  Initially, I told him I was going to save my money.  I had a long resume of work in Canada and my lack of productivity was surely the fault of ignorant casting directors who would come around sooner or later.   I’m not the first actor to take this stance when doors are continually closing in your face, but I knew I had a choice to make: swallow my pride or continue to fail.  I am a hockey player and as a result I always look to stats for the big picture.  Now, I have been working with Crystal for 3 years.  Because of this, I have doubled the length of my resume, have worked with Matt Damon, for Steven Spielberg, am currently a series lead on a Bravo drama for which I have won a Canadian Screen Award (Best Lead Actor in a Dramatic Series)* and have a development deal for a comedy.

Very simply put, I did not have the tools to succeed before I started working with Crystal.  I do now."

— Jared Keeso (Letterkenny, 19-2, Elysium, Falling Skies)

After starting to work with Crystal, Jared booked his first series regular role as Montreal police officer Ben Chartier in  19-2  on Bravo, for which he won two Canadian Screen Awards for Best Lead Actor in a Dramatic Series.

After starting to work with Crystal, Jared booked his first series regular role as Montreal police officer Ben Chartier in 19-2 on Bravo, for which he won two Canadian Screen Awards for Best Lead Actor in a Dramatic Series.


"Crystal is an incredibly gifted teacher and coach. She is always so helpful in finding the heart, humor, and depth to every scene.  Her love for working with actors and her passion for story telling makes her an absolute joy to work with.  I wholeheartedly trust her guidance both as a valuable teacher and as a dear friend."

— Desi Lydic (The Daily Show, AwkwardThe Client List)

"Crystal is one of those teachers who makes her classes fun.  Not only does she get the actors to look at the character in unique ways, she helps them to make strong personal choices.  Her teaching is spot on."  

— Lisa London, Casting Director

“Crystal has a way of helping actors get to the heart of a character like no one else. Her approach to the work is inventive, smart, and creative. She is the only coach I recommend.


"I love coaching with Crystal! She doesn’t just get you prepared for an audition; she goes on a journey with you. I’ve never worked with someone so lovingly committed to the scene I am working on. I always feel safe to try out new choices with Crystal. I’ve started working with her regularly even when I don’t have an audition to prepare, just to keep sharp."

— Jennifer Taylor (Y&R, Shameless, Two and a Half MenBurn Notice)


"Crystal makes the actor's work come to life. She has a passion for acting and knows how to bring out the best work in her clients. If you're thinking of calling her, stop thinking about it already and call her.”


"...(Crystal is) my savior, my tough-cookie, my inspiration, my coach...and, for all these things, I cannot possibly thank her enough."

— Rachel Nichols (G.I. Joe: The Rise of CobraTitans, The Librarians, Chicago Fire, Continuum

"With Crystal Carson's guidance and support, one of our clients booked the female lead in The Kite Runner with Marc Forster. Her encouragement and love for what she is doing is outstanding! I would recommend her to everybody!"


"It is hard to choose just three attributes that describe Crystal. Not only is she a woman of high integrity in all she does, she KNOWS her stuff and is able to communicate it better than the vast majority. I highly recommend Crystal to anyone looking for her services in the entertainment industry. Don't mistake her for a pushover - she will call you out if you aren't doing your homework. She genuinely cares for you as a person and as a professional. Do yourself a favor and hire Crystal. Seriously. Do it. Do it. Do it." 

— Tim Schukar, Producer - THE WALT DISNEY COMPANY

"Smart, clear and immensely talented, Crystal Carson is both an accomplished actress and an effective teacher. I've seen first hand how her students apply her techniques, grow as actors, and, ultimately, land roles in film and TV. Whether you're new to acting or a pro who just wants to nail an audition, Crystal Carson is the teacher to learn from."

— Pilar Alessandra, Writer/Instructor/Consultant - On the Page, Inc.

"I have been searching for 5 years and finally found what I was looking for. You have changed my work and life forever. Just had to say thank you!! You are the most passionate and giving teacher/coach I have ever met. I performed last night and I was enjoying living moment to moment and experiencing the surprises I hear the greats talk about. I will never be a planned out actor again!!! Thank you!!"

Taylor Graham (Muse)


"I love Crystal for wholeheartedly loving her students and the art of acting. She's a special person whom I've learned so much from. She's taught me how to live the lives of characters truthfully, about humanity, love and life. I'm forever grateful. Love you Crystal!"

— Susie Castillo (Miss USA 2003), blogging on her website


"I have known Crystal Carson both personally and professionally for over 20 years and I have never come across a coach/teacher who cares more about her students and makes sure that everyone “gets it”. Her methods of teaching are extremely unique and fun. Her students all love her and she is widely respected in the industry. I have sent several clients to her and her coaching suggestions have made the difference from a mediocre client to one who booked the job. She is bright, funny, caring, compassionate and really treats her students and clients as family.

Crystal Carson receives my highest recommendation as a person, an acting coach and a teacher. She is far and away the best coach in the business."

— Mike Wallis, Producer - CHIWAY ENTERTAINMENT

“Best coach I've ever had. Would love to work with her again.”

— Forrest Smith, Screenwriter/Producer -WHEELHOUSE ENTERTAINMENT

“New Life Casting highly recommends Crystal Carson's acting classes. Having audited a class, I could not believe the energy and passion she has for the craft. She puts her all into her classes and the actors who attended gained many useful techniques from her.”

— Ann Wittenberg, NEW LIFE CASTING

“In over 30 years in this profession, I was stunned to come across Crystal's classes: she has an insight and a method that are as invigorating as they are practical. Her communication skills are second to none, and her enthusiasm and empathy are a large part of what makes her workshops unique and a must for all practitioners - whether actors, directors or public speakers, Crystal will bring your instinct to  the fore, and help you realize what you had never thought possible."

— David Goodall, Director

"As a writer who aspires to act, I found Crystal Carson's coaching methods and wisdom exactly what a new - or seasoned actor, for that matter - might need to better develop his or her craft. She conveys the importance of great acting in the art of storytelling in a thorough yet easily digestible style, never pandering to her students. Anyone willing to go on the actor's journey couldn't find a more passionate and professional mentor. An A-list acting coach in every way possible."

— Tony Moton, Award-Winning Screenwriter

"Crystal is one of those people that really makes an impression in your life. I learned the importance of being in the moment and living the part. She inspired me to write an award winning film which I also directed - something which I had only dreamed of doing before meeting her." 

— Paul Gosker, Screenwriter/Producer - WEBFACTORY ENTERTAINMENT (Dublin, Ireland)

"Full disclosure - Crystal is my sister. But her technique is solid and is helping actors work and stay grounded in this difficult industry. She pours every ounce of her wisdom, energy and incredible insight into each coaching to make sure the client feels confident and ready when they walk out the door. Her intensive classes are full of electric energy and passion for the craft of acting. One minute of talking with her and you can tell she loves what she does and is committed to working hard for you. Having been in the business she understands the psychology of an actor and knows how to help you audition to your fullest potential." 

— Laura Kendall, Director - THE VISUAL AND PERFORMING ARTS CENTER (Millersville University), Former Senior Studio Coordinator - TOUCHSTONE TELEVISION, and former assistant to Crystal Carson


"The very first time I prepared for an audition using the skills and methods I learned from Crystal, I booked the job. Now, years later, I continue to see my best work come out of doing my "homework" using her process. Simply, Crystal has discovered a practical, yet organic approach actors can use to deepen and enrich the characters they portray, giving them a life all their own. I'm grateful to have found her!"

— Sunny Mabrey (In the Rough, Once Upon A Time, Snakes on a Plane)