Returning Students are Family!

Take the entire 3-day intensive class as a “non-critiqued actor” (reg $550) for only $200! That includes the Sunday Industry Panel!

If you have taken Auditioning by Heart before, and are a returning student, "refresh" your skills at a very special discount, by signing up to be a teacher-guided self-critiquing actor (referred to as “Non-critiqued”)

As a returning student, we believe you’re ready to self-critique your work, with Crystal’s support. You will learn how to do so when Crystal lectures, and gives you a thorough breakdown of your material; especially after you have watched Crystal critique tapes of other actors also doing your sides. After all of that, you will be able to watch your tape, along with other non-critiqued actors. There will be optional comments from an appointed Teacher’s Assistant, so that you are clear where you were weak, where you were strong, and how to improve with your next audition!

--Of course, after all of that, if you still want Crystal to critique you, she will! You may sign up at any point for a critique outside of class (See the "Critique Outside of Class-time” button on this page).

If you know now that you actually would rather be Critiqued in front of the class, then please don’t sign up to be a Returning Student…Register as a Critiqued Student back on the other page.  

  • Actors please note, everyone does the SAME SIDES. After Crystal breaks down the material for everyone, discusses the best approach for the scene, and demonstrates (using 12 actors' tapes) specifically what she will more than likely KNOW EXACTLY how you did, (which of your choices were strong, and which could have been better thought out) when you watch your tape's playback, without getting a specific critique by Crystal. Having said that, you are more than welcome to sign up to have Crystal critique your work privately outside of class. Sign up as a NON-critqued-in-class student using the PayPal button below, then use the lower drop down menu to sign up to be critiqued outside of class:

We LOVE having you back!

To avoid the PayPal fee, pay by check. For instructions, click HERE.

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To purchase private critiques after you take class as a non-critiqued actor:

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Atlanta - July 2016

Atlanta - July 2016


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