110 Acting Tips / The Must Read List for Actors!

Our list of every darn acting tip we could squeeze into one list. Enjoy…

1. Watch a play. If you haven’t watched a play this month book a ticket now.
2. Work a scene with a friend THIS WEEK.
3. Read a Screen Play
4. Read a poem.
5. Speak a poem out loud.
6. MEDITATE 5 minutes x 3 times per day.
7. Breathe. You can’t act when you are holding your breath.
8. Do you have an agent? Spend the majority of your time getting an agent.
9. Sign up to IMBD Pro.
10. Follow a favorite actor.
11. Watch the IMDB Top 250. Finish the top 100 this year.
12. Follow Crystal Carson on Facebook and Twitter.
13. Read something on Stanislavski.
14. Read a voice book.
15. Read a newspaper.
16. Do an acting class. Do this at least once a MONTH.
17. Buy a camera.
18. Hum in the shower.
19. Congratulate people on their success.
20. Try Tai Chi.
21. Try Feldenkrais
22. Try Alexander Technique.
23. Try Yoga.
24. Exercise 3 times this week. And next week. And every week until the day you die.
25. Read Time Magazine.
26. Learn your lines.
27. Do a voice warm up.
28. Get a haircut.
29. Watch films.
30. Read every night before bed.
31. Read the first three pages out loud.
32. Watch television shows.
33. Read books on acting.
34. Get an acting coach (I know a good one!)
35. Read plays out loud with friends.
36. Tell stories.
37. Tell jokes.
38. Learn to dance.
39. Dance.
40. Learn to sing.
41. SING.
42. Fall in love.
43. Live your life.
44. See a therapist.
45. Watch interviews with actors.
46. Write everyday.
47. Read everyday.
48. Go to drama school.
49. Listen to podcasts.
50. Talk about theatre.
51. Ask questions!
52. Have your heart broken.
53. Be vulnerable.
54. Have an opinion.
55. Get political.
56. Learn to love conflict.
57. Be honest with yourself.
58. Get a mentor.
59. Get an apprentice.
60. Stay flexible.
61. Open your heart.
62. Start a writing group.
63. Join a book club.
64. Engage in a community.
65. Write a play.
66. Go to fringe festivals.
67. Go to opening nights.
68. Make a short film.
69. Produce a play.
70. Go backstage in a big theatre.
71. Stand on a main stage.
72. Make mistakes.
73. Do what scares you.
74. GET FIT.
75. Meditate…
76. Download Headspace.
77. Do an improv class.
78. Roll around on the floor.
79. PLaY like a CHILD.
80. Trust yourself.
81. Trust the director.
82. Drop in on your agent / manager.
83. Read the play before learning your lines.
84. Watch people.
85. Listen.
86. Listen to your parents stories.
87. Learn history.
88. Learn the history of theatre.
90. Try new things.
91. Enjoy your own company.
92. Stay up all night.
93. Delete embarrassing Facebook photos (please!)
94. Learn EVERYONE’S names.
95. Help friends with auditions.
96. Build something.
97. Be BOLD.
98. Write a poem.
99. Get a diary.
100. Don’t start an acting blog.
101. DO something you've never done before.
102. Learn a new word everyday.
104. Learn a new skill.
105. Sit in on a rehearsal.
106. If you want to take a great class from home...check out this class 
107. If you are in Los Angeles check out this class.

108. If you're in Atlanta check out this class

109. Sign up for THOUGHT SUPPORT workshop.

110. Sign up for Auditioning by Heart 3-Day Workshop.



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