What does the camera hate? — Acting not grounded in images, aka “Schmacting.” Conversely, what does the camera love? — Reacting to images (behavior).

While the script gives you WHAT to say, the technique you’ll be learning in ReActing by Heart will help you discover HOW to say what the script gives you. During the workshop, we’ll be doing an exercise to help you feel what it means to be in the moment and lay the groundwork that brings impulses and intention to your delivery. At first, the exercise may feel quite technical, but after you allow yourself to feel safe, you will notice that your body and mind start to listen and automatically respond to your scene partner in a truthfully organic way.

ReActing by Heart is designed to be a prerequisite to Auditioning by Heart. Both classes work together to better ingrain and implement an approach to the work that will take your auditions from a place of “pretend” to a place of “experiencing.”

Crystal CarsonComment